14/11/13 – the day after

Today is the day after the Banff radical reel tour which is in short a selection of adrelanie, out door fun movies with the bike, snow, water or just yourself – crazy people. It was great, some of them are so beautiful filmed in amazing landscape just inspirational :) . For that I had quite a late night and therefore decided to sleep in, as I still feel a little tired from last Saturday. Now I’m ready for work.

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30/10/13 – end of month( almost)

I guess today I don’t have really a subject to talk about or special event picture to show.
Life is just going on, which is fine with me. Beginning of the week, I saw this job offer and I thought, that looks interesting I really should apply for it and got all excited about it, then I took a breath and was thinking:”yes, it would mean to leave Australia prob. Before Christmas ect…okay let’s be realistic you actually don’t want to leave here at least not until feb as I have already great plans.
The whole thing was like 5min, but it surprised me that I was willing to leave everything behind so easily, on the otherside I know I need a plan so maybe it is time to move on. Will I ever settle? Until then I will enjoy my live here




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17/10/13 – bushfire

As we had a dry winter/ spring everything is dry. Yesterday were between 80-100 brushfires as is was hot and a strong wind was blowing. It is like, as when I was with Steffi in Stellenbosch, as there is a lot of smoke the light is getting so different and outside you can smell the burn.






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18/10/13- ping pong

Friday on my way home from work


I’m so tired. Squad really killed me and the next person who says I’m fast I will kill as well. Swimming an ’38 for 50 and don’t have the power in my arms to feel the water more or swim with a higher cadence.

Today was ping pong final in the office


It is fun, i


It is fun if you have ball coordination, which I don’t have, but yes it is good as everyone from student to director is playing it.

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16/10/13 – ride2work day

Yesterday was R2W- day, which was not so special to me as I was so early on the road that I missed all the fun. What I didn’t miss was an amazing first light/ sunrise



Yesterday was also squad day and I swam my first 4×100 IM for at least a decade. It was stop thinking, just swim and it was almost like I never stopped, when I turned to backstroke, it felt like I was a little higher out of the water and the stroke( powerful-ish ) made sense. Even I had 2/3 good breaststrokes. I have to admin I just love the feeling when your powerful stroke is catching the water and you have the feeling to get the right water resistant and so you developing this momentum and you have the feeling you can swim forever like this, …. Until a wave , wall is disrupting your rhythm and the moment is gone ,… You just start again and hope to find it again and hold on to it as long as possible – have a good day ;)

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14/10/13 – Monday

Monday and I’m totally beside me. Why? Didn’t sleep well. Went to Physio, forgot clothes for work, work access card, went into wrong bus – all this for a walk over the bridge, which was nice.


… But back to the Physio. We had a look at my tendon and he didn’t like the attention since then, or I’m maybe just more aware of it, I will not panic, will be positive. On the otherside I’m a little bit nervous that I’m closing my eyes of reality again – I just should be not paranoid.

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13/10/13- swim caps

I was cleaning my flat and stumbled over this drawer of things. It is the drawer I always put my bib no, swim cap, medal, ect.. In when I come gone from an event. As I did some ocean swim this years I accumulated quite a collection of caps, which is quite nice as everyone’s as a story to tell. Therefore I almost feel that this drawer is a treasure box with a lot of memories:).



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12/10/13- beach day

Today I had a beach day, which wasn’t planned but good. First I had a good swim with Claire and Jordan to freshie return and some coffee’s afterwards. Later that morning I was running and after some rest I joined Nic and Todd at the beach – tomorrow I must run some domestics







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11/10/13- Swim Squad

Okay since this Wednesday I’m swimming squads gain , which I still think is really exciting after 15 years. Who had thought that I will swim squad again after I stopped and bot been in a pool for 10 years. I decided for it as it will be a good preparation for Rottnest and so far I still enjoy it. The pool is in the city and sessions starts at 6-7:30am that means as I don’t have a car anyway I cycle for an hour and then after 5min to work.






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10/10/2013- Hottest day in October

Today will be the hottest day in October for ages. I had a good start into my day with a swim to QC and now enjoying the warm on the ferry- before I will freeze in the office for the rest of the day.




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