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It should be prohibit,….

for “normal” people to live in flats with a view like that. especially if this view belongs to a split level flat in the Arlington Apartment block from Harry Seidler ( 1965-66) . I just think people are not appreciating … Continue reading

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After I didn’t make it to the ” the first Emperor – china’s entombed warriors” exhibition  in the british museum last year, or this year in spring in London. I was today here in Sydney in the Art Gallery of … Continue reading

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A good start into your day…

is always when you get awaken from the sun, I think. Even in London on a Monday morning I’m on my bike over Chelsea bridge in the sun and it was a good day and start into the week. Unfortunately I … Continue reading

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Australian animals

As everybody knows here in Australia gives some animals which are in Europe not common and you only see them if you go in the Wilhelma, Hagenbeck or any other zoo. So far I saw a couple typical animals and … Continue reading

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Sydney-Hobart race

Today started the 64th version of the traditional Sydney-Hobart race, but I think if you are not into sailing and are living in Europe you probably did not hear about it. Only maybe couple of years ago, when there was … Continue reading

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New Years resolutions – not quite the time yet

But I decided now to start a serious attempt to start my blog, even I’m not quite sure as what I will use it. Therefore I thought it would be nice to introduce a couple of blogs I like out … Continue reading

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