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Fast ferry

At the beginning when I arrived I thought it is really not necessary and decadent to use the fast ferry as it is more expensive and only 12 min faster- but today, at the moment it makes the different, as … Continue reading

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No storm, no wind, no waves. After busy week at work, glad to have my weekend

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Australian animals_update

Even I didn’t go on big adventures, there are a couple of animals I saw in my daily life in the last couple of months I didn’t see in Europe. I put the spider in not because I think, they … Continue reading

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Random pictures from May/June

Just some pictures from the last two months which I like out of random reasons like composition or the content what is shown. That’s for this month we will see what the following months will bring.

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Now already couple of weeks ago I saw my first 3D movie and I have to admit that there was a couple of seance were the affect was quite good, but then on the other had I had the feeling … Continue reading

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Vivid_ part two

As promised a couple more pictures from the Vivid, I went back yesterday on saturday and on one side it was great to see so many people to watch it, especially kids seems to have a lot of fun there, … Continue reading

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Finally it stopped raining, just in time for the weekend. Now the weather is so gorgeous as the sun is warm but not as hot as in summer time depending on where you are it can be quite chilly with … Continue reading

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