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30/01/13 – Sharp & Short

… I know that this will happen, still have not posted, written about the M2B – swim. There is just so much going on at the moment, work, life ect, … Anyway I’m on my way home and it took … Continue reading

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Day +01 – M2B

Tomorrow is the day and I have a lot to say about the whole challenge / experience and how I got the chance to do it. Not sure if I have the mind today for talking about it as there … Continue reading

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Okay it is Monday. On my way home – I’m so annoyed as my leg hurts since the weekend, Friday night, Saturday. I shouldn’t have run on Friday or be more careful on Thursday who knows, I just know that … Continue reading

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I had a great day today. It started with a beautiful, colourful sunrise, during I was swimming with a great bunch of guys in the most unbelievable conditions as there were no wind chop, just some ground swell and we … Continue reading

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Okay, 2nd day back to work and it is 42 forecast, that means office will be soo freezing. Totally naggered as I was doing a lot of sport again, and I have to admit that I went swimming with the … Continue reading

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