Missed my ferry…

tonight. I was only 2 minutes too late, I shouldn’t have cut my apple in the office in little pieces. Anyway that ┬áme the chance as it was not raining at that moment to have a short look at the vivid, which is at the moment in Sydney. Fortunately it is at the rock and circular quay so not so far off my daily routes.

Therefore some pictures, hope I will have the opportunity to take some more nice, focused pictures the next couple of weeks.

custom house_01

custom house_02

light installation_01

light installation_02

light installation_03

opera house_01 ( sorry ferry just didn’t keep still)

have to admit I walked tonight only 5min, because then I saw that a fast ferry is going in the next ten minutes and the temptation was just too big in comparison to the prospect of another 25min until the next regular ferry was going

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