16/10/13 – ride2work day

Yesterday was R2W- day, which was not so special to me as I was so early on the road that I missed all the fun. What I didn’t miss was an amazing first light/ sunrise



Yesterday was also squad day and I swam my first 4×100 IM for at least a decade. It was stop thinking, just swim and it was almost like I never stopped, when I turned to backstroke, it felt like I was a little higher out of the water and the stroke( powerful-ish ) made sense. Even I had 2/3 good breaststrokes. I have to admin I just love the feeling when your powerful stroke is catching the water and you have the feeling to get the right water resistant and so you developing this momentum and you have the feeling you can swim forever like this, …. Until a wave , wall is disrupting your rhythm and the moment is gone ,… You just start again and hope to find it again and hold on to it as long as possible – have a good day ;)

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