Squad, hard, hope I didn’t annoy people too much, tiggling toes, tired, good feeling.
On my way home I run into Jules, which extended my journey (bike ride)but it was good to see her again.

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08/10/13- 7/20 weeks

I was thinking for a while, if I should do again a everyday picture challenge, as last years RoR. In 7 weeks time, I will anticipate in my first and probably last half ironman( Challenge Forster). In 20 weeks time I will swim Rottnest Island Swim, which is a 20km ocean swim. I’m really excited about both events. Since last year when I really first heard of rotty ( as the cool aussi kids call it) and saw a video of it and read Michaels report of it, deep in me I knew I want to do it and this years/ next feb. seems the best opportunity/ change to do it or I will ever get :) . Challenge Forster came on my agenda as it seems a lot of people/ friends doing it and I thought so I can tick the box for half ironman and I would benefit endurance wise for rottnest and don’t only swim.I also joint squad but more to that tomorrow….
…. Never finished this post. Not really committed, still will give it a try again.


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20/09/13 – Friday

It seems I have not written for a long, long time. I guess out of various reasons, but here a short update of my day today – just a normal Friday , have a good weekend.






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should have posted this weeks ago,…

7 weeks ago I ran TNF 50- which was awesome. Maybe not the right expression, but the story is the following. Since last years injury I was looking for a new goal and it seems this event was exactly what I was looking for. As the recovery was slower as expected and the tri in march before hand I always knew I’m cutting it short. On my way I thought I have done my homework and everything is going well, den Umständen entsprechend. Until 2 weeks before when I got a proper cold and I was so exhausted from it and just felt better wednesday before the race, but I enjoy trail running so much and I really just wanted to do it . Therefore I needed to dig deep. Last 9 km of steps up and down where physical challenging as well as mentally and after 7:12 I was finally back in the fairemont resort. I crushed also a little bit the winner of the 100 celebrations. Anyway even I couldn’t walk afterwards anymore and was in pain for a long time I really want to continue it, as I enjoyed it somehow.
Unfortunately since then 7 weeks ago, I have not run a meter as I have ITB problems and it is inflamed and it is not getting better- which is really frustrating for me again and some days I really struggling to keep it under control.

Now it’s mid sept a lot have happen did itu sprint in HH, was in Sweden, pr problems and training now first for Forster and then let’s see what’s coming .





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05/07/2013 – winter

Winter is in full swing, which means you have cold brisk mornings some colder than others, depending on where the winds from, if it is not raining you have beautiful sunrises. Today I slept in, which means I didn’t go for a swim as I was a little naggered from yesterday. We had some bigger swell this week and yesterday it was smaller but messier so we went out towards the point to get behind the waves – at least that was the plan. Afterwards you can say timing wasn’t quite right or I was to slow. I had reached the second sandbank when the set started to come in. It was interesting as I felt that I started to get tired and my muscles are not getting enough oxygen as I needed to hold my breath to duck under the wave ( which I love to do,love the feeling, as I think it is cool, when you manage to duck deep enough) and as soon up continue to swim to gain some distance, deep breath and back down. Maybe a question how often you can do that, luckily there are only 4 ish waves in a set. I have to admit I was glad to have a small break as we were waiting for everyone to arrive to catch my breath. I guess, I was thinking about boundaries, nature ect,… this week as I watched ” Maverick” during the week. I think, it is good to challenge you and I see how easily you can get cocky about your own abilities. Really important is to keep humbled and respect Mother Nature, in the end when she wants, she will win and sometimes it is better to say NO. Also saw a movie about teaphoo- it was amazing such a beautiful wave, inspired to enjoy the water and feel the power of nature ;)


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03/05/2013 –

We have at the moment the most amazing autumn you could imagine. Temperatures are getting colder but still have a lot of sun. In 2 weeks is the north face 50 and normally I wouldn’t talk about it as it is so out of my comfort zone and I’m still not totally sure what to expect and I will be slowest of everyone I know and big question if I will be mentally strong enough or reach a point and give up, hopefully I will not develop another injury, ect… But all this thoughts are probably normal and somehow deep in me I have the feeling that it will be okay and fine , which worries me even more as I have normally not this feeling and I’m afraid that I’m not taking it serious enough. As for preparation I spending more time on my feed, what has to consequence that I’m loosing my water feeling or I might be more smashed than I think. At the moment I walk 1-2 times a week home, 15km, 2h15 can be long but normally I listen to some audio books which is fun except when you listen to crime stories and the residential area is quite dark .
Today, Friday was a beautiful morning and swim with friends ;) ,


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29/04/2013 – Monday

Sometimes life can be so unpredictable, which is good and bad, I guess it is spicing up our daily life before we are getting bored. Also it is always good to listen to your intuition as sometimes I’ m just amazed how right you are with it and last for today- a fisherman see’s another fisherman always from far ;) happy Monday.


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Mooloolaba triathlon – 17/03/13

Okay, now it is over and I done it. My mooloolaba tri. I’m glad it is over but not out if the obvious reasons. Last Nov I wanted to do Noosa and smash it,I was so excited about it. I felt strong, I was in a good position except maybe that little bit of pain when I was running ect, which was then suddenly my frustrating , long ongoing stress fracture . … This tri I was doing for me, so I didn’t mind to go up alone here. On the other hand my heart wasn’t really 100% in my preparation time, as I had my old problem, doing things because I have to do them. I didn’t like going in the pool and trying to swim program in over crowded lanes with people who don’t know how to swim in public pools. I couldn’t motivate myself to dig deep in various sessions, especially in the TT – things, but on the other hand I could totally smash myself riding with other people, which I really enjoy, as I was feeling that my strength was coming back. And then there are the ocean swims,those magical times in the water in the morning, in various conditions. Seeing the sunrise on the way back, having totally glassy water or the undulating water movement when there is a big swell coming in. I know this is not getting me fast, maybe some endurance, but it helped me to keep sane and deal with the stress of my visa and especially the people I swim with, I always had the feeling they care for me with meant a lot for me, ein fels in der brandung.
The beginning of last week was so unexpected how it developed as I thought I have everything under control in this respect or I can read the signs- but apparently not on the good side it past as fast it was coming until the next time. Okay maybe I know a couple of things who started the rolling of the stone, which I will keep for me at the moment.
But where does this leave me now. I know I love to compete and sometimes I forget that I’m not 20 anymore. I have to be careful to find the right balance between, defining myself through a sport and know who I am without sport. I want to find the right balance, what I want to do, which sport, I have some goals which I want to achieve, which I want to prove to myself. One of these things I just know I will do, hopefully next year, it just seems the right time for it. On the other side, even I’m not a sprinter and lack def the schnellkraft, I liked the sprint in husky, as it was short and I knew better what I can do and How much i can push myself before i blow. If I’m planning to do another olly, I would def. do more brick/ running of the bike.
Before today I always felt I’m not in such a good position as I have not done my homework properly. I missed more or less a whole season of cycling to work. I’m still not running as carefree and much as I wanted and since October my swim TT got constantly slower. Anyway the swim was okay, there were two girls who were just off and I always saw third one to my left side until the last boje. During the swim I was a little afraid to blow my legs and die on the ride or bike. As we were swimming in the river it was calm, water not clear, sun was at one stage towards us, which made it a little more difficult to see and then one bit was like swimming through a rip, because there were a lot of leaves ect… Running out of the water to transition I def could feel my back shoulder muscles from the swim, which was okay. Bike was first a little up and down and then people got penalised for drafting and then we were on this highway, which would have been cool on a TT – bike. Thought there was a little headwind going on on the way out , turned at 36min, which was good and then I thought something is wrong and first you think/ hope you imaging it just, but looking already down to my back wheel, I knew I have a flat and to accept this fact is not that easy as well and as the consequences, but what else can you do, as I know I’m not a fast changer. Just to prove the point I didn’t get my tire off, getting all air out of the tires always helps as well. Then the levers where not good and somehow I managed to cut myself at my thumb and then there was suddenly everywhere blood and I didn’t have anything to wrap around my thumb. The hard thing was, to hear all those wheels passing you , thousands of pairs. Back on my bike it was hard to get back into the spirit. I thought now I have at least a good change to survive the run, but what have I be known. On the run there was this hill and the heat, I was running from water to water with traubenzucker inbetween as I couldn’t imaging to get anything else down, I walked the stations almost as I needed the water& the cooling down, somehow I survived it . I did it in 2:48 a time which is far off, with what I wanted to achieve or i would consider to be good and I accepted that but it was nothing being proud of it, as it was not good. Today I looked at my garmin and the wheel change took me approx. 8min which is making the time not really better by the way. I feel so rubbish today and totally smashed and now I’m def getting nervous about 9 weeks, but will stick to my rest week plan, hopefully. I def. need to step up my game and commit ;)

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30/01/13 – Sharp & Short

… I know that this will happen, still have not posted, written about the M2B – swim. There is just so much going on at the moment, work, life ect, …
Anyway I’m on my way home and it took me a while that the swim was sinking in and I think, I’m proud of myself that I did it, deep I’m my heart such for me. I know what I achieved and that is all I need to know. Also I feel grateful to have gotten the opportunity to do it and those 9 other people in the water and the other people on land, boats, kayaks who made it possible, will have a extra special place in my heart and memory cupboard :) .
On a total other note , warum muss man immer den Leuten über den weg laufen die man am wenigsten sehen möchte ? We had some crazy weather down here the last couple of days, but now the sun is back and I’m totally excited to go for a swim tmrw morning ;) it will be great , I have huge expectations.
Oh ja, I was swimming palm to whale on the WE, which was good, fun and I messed it so up by myself, really don’t know what I was thinking or how I did get this idea ;) .


Yesterday was def. nicer weather when I was on my way home . Hopefully we are home soon, can’t wait to get off this ferry ;) .

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Day +01 – M2B

Tomorrow is the day and I have a lot to say about the whole challenge / experience and how I got the chance to do it. Not sure if I have the mind today for talking about it as there is still some prep to be done and I have total respect for tomorrow and it is really difficult for me to predict anything as I can’t recall to have been in the same situation before. So maybe I will not be able to walk out to the beach at North Bondi, but as I don’t know how long it is really I can’t say,… Need to finish my prep


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